"My favorite memories are of camping with dad."

My favorite childhood memories are of camping with my dad.  I remember learning how to pitch a tent and the musty smell of our sleeping bags, but my favorite memory is of roasting marshmallows over the fire. Now I’m a father and I can’t wait to start building these memories with my kids. Great Outdoors Colorado supports campgrounds in state parks and open spaces throughout Colorado. We have so many great choices for weekend camping trips with our kids — nice, clean campgrounds we can enjoy after hikes nearby. This is really what it means to be a Coloradan! Create your GOCO adventure Click to Close

"There is great whitewater right out my back door."

There is nothing better than slipping into my kayak and finding some great whitewater to paddle through unless, of course, that whitewater is right out my back door. It’s amazing that, thanks to Great Outdoors Colorado, we have a beautiful and challenging whitewater park right here in downtown Canon City. It’s great to have this place where I can enjoy kayaking and my wife can watch from the shore or my kids can play in the park nearby.  We are so lucky to have this spot in our community. Create your GOCO adventure Click to Close

"This space was a vacant lot filled with weeds before."

New Freedom Park is such a great space for my family and our community. Just a few years ago, this space was a vacant lot filled with weeds. Instead of playing soccer on a dirt field with broken glass, now my kids play on a soccer team on a real field with grass and boundary lines. What used to be a sometimes scary empty space now is a green space with a playground, park and garden. Many of us moved to Denver as refugees. This is just the space we dreamed of when we thought of moving to this country. We are so lucky to have this safe and beautiful space where our kids can play sports nearby. Create your GOCO adventure Click to Close

"I’ve seen some pretty amazing things in Colorado."

As a park ranger in Colorado, I’ve seen some pretty amazing things. Colorado is truly one of those special places where you are surrounded by incredible wildlife and spectacular views all year. Great Outdoors Colorado (GOCO) has helped to make that possible by protecting open spaces and supporting Colorado’s great outdoors. Whether it’s seeing a deer drinking at a stream when I’m fishing or hearing the birds chirp around me as I’m hiking to my favorite Colorado mountain top, none of this would be possible without GOCO. Create your GOCO adventure Click to Close
"Great Outdoors Colorado supports what I love best about Colorado: the outdoors."


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